Old Manali - The Best budget Hotel in Manali near the mall road, Himachal Pradesh (India)

  Hotel Shandela,Manali

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Old Manali

It is known for hippies, israelis and other foreigners.

A bridge over gushing Manalsu River is a gateway to another world known as the Old Manali. The village has an exotic charm; not foreign, not entirely Indian. It is as if you have crossed into another country. Just as the Beas River stopped the invincible force of Alexander’s armies from marching further east, Old Manali has somehow chiseled out a world of its own guarded by Manalsu River. The village is as idle as a fairy tale but at the same time it is exposed to the comfort of today’s world. Two sides of the same coin exist side by side in the village. We have the idyllic village and the locals on one side and the fast growing tourist population and guest houses on the other side.